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Plastic postcards from Attractional Marketing are effective, unique and truly eye-catching. We offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses to meet virtually any budget and requirement. Plastic postcards will give you a huge edge over your competition. These unique mailers boast a high gloss finish and are thick like a credit card.

The team at Attractional Marketing can offer your organization a turnkey solution to optimize the return on your marketing investment. We can handle everything for you from start to finish – from strategy and data analysis, to graphic design and printing services, as well as detailed tracking and analytics.

High Perceived Value and Amazing Response Rates

Our high gloss, plastic postcards stand out in a crowded mailbox. They instantly look and feel valuable, leading to sky high redemption rates. With pop out cards and key tags, your customers will immediately perceive them as having cash value.


Thick and Durable For Maximized Shelf Life

Plastic postcards from Attractional Marketing are 30 mil thick, so they are thick like a credit card. This increases the shelf life of the mailer, allowing for longer expiration dates and extending the reach of your offers.

Intelligent Data and Analytics

Attractional Marketing combine data and technology with your plastic postcard campaign. Through variable printing capabilities, your plastic postcards can be imprinted with unique codes and offers that can link back to your Point of Sale system as well as variably printed messaging and images for a truly personalized campaign. Call tracking and analytics are also included as a standard.


It’s Affordable

Our turnkey solution includes the consultation, graphic design, printing, mapping, mailing list, data processing, mail production, and postage. We manage everything for maximum convenience.


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