The Domain Networks Invoice Scam: How to Spot a Fake Domain Network Invoice

Domain Networks Invoice Scam: Read This Before Paying a Domain Name Invoice

Many business owners have reported seeing emails from a business called “Domain Networks,” requesting payment of up to $289 for listing maintenance. While the email looks legitimate, the Domain Networks domain name invoice is not legit and business owners are not required to pay it.  

The Details

  • The fraudulent domain name invoice looks realistic and contains personal information such as business owners’ names, business names, email addresses, home or business addresses, and domain names.
  • The invoice requests a payment of up to $289 for domain maintenance or listing maintenance.
  • Invoices are generally mailed to the business address, making them appear more legit than a standard email scam.

How Do I Spot the Domain Network Invoice Scam?

If you receive a bill in your mailbox, or even in your email, it’s important to take a minute to ensure you recognize the billing agency before you make a payment. That’s especially true when a bill states that it’s for an annual fee, such as an annual website domain listing.

When it comes to Domain Networks, or any other unexpected invoice, it’s important to watch for signs that it’s not legit.

Read the Fine Print

While the domain name invoice sent by Domain Networks looks like an invoice, it’s actually not. If you look closely at the fine print, you’ll see that the Domain Networks invoice isn’t an actual invoice, it’s a sales tactic. In the fine print, it says:


If you see this or any similar language on an invoice you receive, either in the mail or electronically, do not feel obligated to pay.

Keep Thorough Records of Your Accounts

Every time you subscribe to a new service or open an account, write it down and keep all of your records in a single, accessible place. Record the name of the company, the expected billing date, and the billing method you’ve chosen. Any time you receive a bill or invoice you’re not expecting, this well help you determine if further investigation is warranted.

Why am I getting a bill from Domain Networks?

While the mail you’ve received from Domain Networks appears to be a real invoice, it’s important to remember that it’s not. It’s actually a letter sent to you for promotional purposes that’s designed to trick you into signing up for a service.

For businesses that have their bills sent to a third party, or for those who are too busy to sit and read every letter, it’s easy to fall prey to this fake invoice and register for as service that you probably don’t need.

Do I have to pay for domain listings?

While your domain itself does cost money, there’s usually no need to pay for an additional service that lists it in an internet directory such as Domain Networks. These directories don’t generally benefit your brand or help you gain much, if any, additional exposure.

Is the U.S. Domain Authority real?

U.S. Domain Authority and Domain Networks are real businesses; however, their marketing tactics are questionable and the letters they send are not legitimate invoices. They’re advertisements.

Who’s Behind the Domain Networks Scam?

Domain Networks is an American company that operates in New Mexico but advertises its services to businesses throughout North America. The company promises increased exposure to businesses through registration in its internet directory, a service that’s legitimate but not likely to gain business owners the exposure or increased sales they’re expecting.

How Do I Protect My Business from the Domain Networks Scam?

Stay vigilant and cautious. Don’t pay bills you don’t recognize and train any team members who have account authority to do the same. Always read the fine print.

When in doubt, do your research. If you receive an invoice or any other piece of mail that seems suspicious, hop online and check out the company. If you’re still struggling to remember whether you’ve created an account with a business that’s sent you a bill, contact them and ask for proof of account registration.

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