Valpak Direct Mail 

A Proven & Dependable Way To Reach Your Target Audience

Reach Your Target Audience

Direct mail advertising with Valpak is a cost-effective way to reach tens of thousands of consumers in your local area. Valpak is the most recognized direct mail program there is and has been helping local businesses for 50 years. With many different types of direct mail products to choose from, Valpak can help increase your brand awareness and drive more leads in a cost-effective and highly targeted manner.

Targeted Audience

Valpak makes it affordable and easy to reach your target market. Deliver savings to households in your market specifically targeted by locations, demographics and consumer purchase behaviors.

Purchase Power


Your insert is delivered to an upscale, educated, professional audience with more than just a little spare change in their pockets. The average Valpak household income is 33% higher than the U.S. average.


Consumers in your neighborhood expect to receive the Valpak Blue Envelope every month. Frequency keeps your brand top of mind when consumers are ready to buy.

Enhanced Targeting Capabilities


Target specific households based on data-driven information and test different offers.


A/B TESTING Test up to four creative versions within a single mailing. Test varying offers or visuals, or simply test different call-to-action drivers to see what your customers respond to.


SELECTIVE TARGETING Customize your customers’ experience. Send current customers a loyalty offer. Simultaneously, send past customers reactivation offers and potential customers incentivizing offers.


ADDRESS MATCHBACK Utilize unique codes to determine which households are redeeming your offers. Apply this valuable data to follow-up campaigns to drive even higher response.

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