Valpak Advertising – How does it work, and how much does it cost?


How much does Valpak Cost?  

Advertising in the Valpak Blue Envelope costs about 3 cents per household. The average cost being between 3 and 5 cents.

How does Valpak Work? 

Valpak has been mailing for 50+ years and has a large amount of evidence-based research regarding what successful Valpak campaigns look like for specific industries.  Each month the Valpak Blue Envelope is mailed to millions of homes in The United States.  The homes mailed are on select carrier routes more likely have expendable income, according to Nielsen data.

Business owners can use this data to their advantage in a number of ways.

For instance, how many homes and how often each type of business should be doing in order to achieve success varies by industry.  

Each business location may purchase Valpak differently. For instance, a small independent restaurant may advertise a 5 mile radius around their location every month. While a local pumpkin patch may advertises the entire mailing market, but only in the fall.

The Dec. 2019 Valpak® Readership Study found 92% of consumers who receive The Blue Envelope® open it and 81% look at every ad inside. These households receive the Valpak Blue Envelope consistently every month. Each month some advertisers are the same while others are seasonal, and there are almost always new ads to keep it fresh.

Is Valpak worth it?

Valpak has been mailing for 53 years and currently delivers to about 40 million homes. Because marketing is data driven, Valpak has an entire department dedicated to collecting and analyzing data.

For example, Valpak has detailed information on the following:  

  • Which industries that use Valpak perform the best 
  • What types of offers have the highest response rates 
  • The ideal number of homes that businesses in specific industries should be buying in order to achieve a success
  • The ideal schedule of mailings that businesses in specific industries should be buying in order to achieve success

Valpak also has data for ad design and has developed industry-specific best-practices. The designs are tested in terms layout, content, and offers. This removes any guess work in terms of how what content should be included and how the ad should look. A business can simply pick out a template that already works for their industry.  

How does Attractional Marketing fit in with Valpak?

We have successfully used Valpak as a marketing medium for hundreds of clients. Our experience and industry knowledge helps to answer any questions when determining if The Blue Envelope would be a good fit as part of an advertising campaign. We are marketing experts and are here to help make it easy and streamlined.





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